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VolManager Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I report a problem?

If your questions or issues are still unresolved after consulting the VolManager Help and this FAQ, please email us at support@VolManager.com. We request that if you notify us of signup-form bugs or difficulties, please note as many of these details of the error as possible:

If you notice discrepancies in your reports, let us know immediately. We will do everything we can to reconcile your database and restore its accuracy as soon as possible.


I just finished administrating a meet and I'd like to start entering data for the next. What do I do?

Email VolManager Support to have your last meet archived and have your database initialized. All the old job assignments and worker data will be removed. Your Notes, Job Descriptions, and Time Slots will remain unless you'd like a complete reset to a blank slate condition.


How long will my meet data remain on VolManager?

Your team's data will stay in your database for 1 week after your event has concluded after which time it will be archived for your future use.

VolManager cannot be responsible for your data if your account becomes inactive due to cancellation.

How can volunteers sign up for time-conflicted or overlapping timeslots?

If there are situations in which your volunteers must sign up for time-conflicted timeslots, they can do it by signing up as different people. Have them sign up under alternate names or emails and VM will not object.


How do the Event Start and End dates affect my Signup Form?

The Event start date and end dates set in your Event Creation Utility are for the information of your volunteers to help distiguish this Event from any other meets or activities that you may run concurrently.

The meet end date also establishes when VolManager will archive your meet for next year and send your invoice.

Timeslots outside the meet start and end dates will still list on your Signup Form if they have a Workers Needed value greater than zero.


Can I import my VolManager data into another database or spreadsheet program?

Most spreadsheets and database managers have import utilities which will accept the output from your VolManager Admin: All Info (Comma Delim) report which can be downloaded from the web to your local computer.

The steps for importing the file into Microsoft Access are listed below. Import to other database or spreadsheet managers may be similar.


On what computers will VolManager work properly?

VolManager's code produces World Wide Web Consortium valid HTML. This means that your VolManager Admin and Public pages and forms should work in most modern web browsers (tested in Internet Explorer and Firefox) on most computers (Windows compatibles and Apple systems) and under most operating systems (Windows, Linux, OSx)


I'm having trouble loading or viewing my VolManager pages. What should I do?

If you have trouble loading or viewing VolManager pages or if the pages function improperly on your local computer, test the pages from another computer in a different location (preferably, not just a different room in your home or office), and also, preferably using a different Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Earthlink) to determine if the problem is:

If you feel that you have eliminated your local computer and connection as problem sources, contact support@VolManager.com


How does VolManager billing work?

VolManager requests that you pay your bill before your signup form is activated.

You can pay your bill by using the PayPal button conveniently located on your Administrator's Homepage or you may pay by check.

Checks should be made payable to Roger Marlowe and should be sent to the following address:

117 Page Rd
Nashville, TN. 37205

Please remember to include a reference to your team and the event for which you're paying in order to receive proper credit.

If you wish to pay by check, request an invoice from VolManager by notifying support@VolManager.com


Can I have last season's archived event reloaded?

VolManager automatically archives your events. You can have an event reloaded by contacting support@VolManager.com


Why does my Signup Form say This form is currently offline. Please try again later.

Your form is not yet active.

Because VolManager allows you to write HTML into the Notes section of your form and even into your job descriptions, the Signup form should be checked by VolManager Tech Support before activation.

Contact support@Volmanager.com to have your form checked and activated.


My Signup Form doesn't appear to sort. Why?

The Signup form always groups job/timeslots by the day and, within each day-grouping, the default sort is by Date/Time. Alternate sort by Job Description results in this job description order:

This has to do with the agreed standard values (ascii) assigned to these characters for most computing systems.

If you have a particular order in mind, make the 1st symbols something numeric:
2_Merchandise Sales
3_6&U Boys Team Parent
4_13/14 Girls Team Parent

If you think the sort is not working, it may be that you have coincidentally alphabetized the job descriptions from earliest to latest, in which case, sort by date and sort by description will result in the same listing.

...and yes, this has happened!!


Is it possible to have my Signup Form activated at a specific date and time?

At this time, there is no automatic scheduler for Signup form activation or de-activation, therefore all requests for form activation are handled by the Tech Support Queue which has a maximum 24-hour turnaround.

Send your request to support@Volmanager.com on the day you would like your form activated and the request will be handled ASAP.


Can VolManager volunteers reassign themselves or delete their own assignments?

As Meet Administrator, you make all corrections and re-assignments. We've found that this makes volunteers take their job commitments more seriously and also guararntees that, on race day, you have an accurate idea of who's showing up for what jobs.


How can I correct a volunteer's info or job assignment?

If a volunteer's information or job assignments are incorrect, corrections can be made by releasing the volunteer from his job (using the Release buttons on your Admin: Spreadsheet report) and then reassigning the volunteer with corrected info.

Reference here for instructions.


My institution doesn't have a website. Can we still use VolManager?

There are other methods aside from publishing the link to the Signup Form on a website. The most effective alternate method is to send the Signup Form link to your prospective volunteers as email.


The job descriptions on my Signup Form are very long. How can I fix that?

It will save space on your Signup Form, make the form less cluttered and easy to read if you produce a separate web page with any lengthy job descriptions. You can put a link to this description page in the Notes section of your Signup Form.

Reference here for instructions on writing a link into the Notes.


How can I pre-assign workers before my signup begins?

Have your Signup Form activated prior to publishing the link to the Signup Form on your institution's website and use the Signup Form to pre-assign any workers. Contact support@Volmanager.com for form activation or de-activation.